Founded by Claude Trudon during the early years of Louis XIV of France’s reign, Cire Trudon soon became the candlemaker of choice for the French royal family and its court. Going on to supply the candles for Napoleon I’s coronation, Cire Trudon has earnt itself a place in the history books.

The iconic candlemaker is steeped in royal history and its motto, ‘Deo Regique Laborant’, even translates into ‘They work for God and the King’. ‘They’ refers to bees, as Cire Trudon’s original candles were made using carefully harvested beeswax. The candles are enhanced with a series of exquisite fragrances that are developed in close collaboration with the world’s most celebrated perfumers. By only using the finest raw materials and meticulously testing its fragrances, Cire Trudon succeeds in creating a luxuriously scented candle every time.

Each Cire Trudon candle is handcrafted at its workshop in the French region of Normandy and, to ensure they arrive in pristine condition, the candles are individually inspected and packaged by hand. The refined glass vessels that hold the candles and cotton wicks are handcrafted in Tuscany and boast a shape reminiscent of champagne buckets. Cire Trudon has also developed a collection of fragrances to ensure you enjoy the refined olfactory experience even when you’re away from home.

Ernesto Scented Candle

With a reputation for creating exquisitely scented candles, Cire Trudon presents this subtly fragranced Ernesto Scented Candle.

The signature fragrance of the Ernesto vegetable wax candle features heavy tones of tobacco and leather, carefully balanced with notes of grapefruit and clove.

The ultimate in home fragrance, this exquisite Cire Trudon scent allows you to create a welcoming and subtle ambience in your space, while the ornate vessel comes beautifully packaged.

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