Founded in San Francisco in 1993 by Pablo Pardo, a Venezuelan-born industrial designer, lighting design house Pablo’s central goal is to strengthen the relationship between an object, those who use it and its environment.

Renowned for challenging the status quo when it comes to design, Pablo’s designs are practical solutions to everyday needs, distilled down to their purest forms. Despite their simplicity, these designs perfectly showcase an object’s ability to transform any both inside and outdoor environments. It is this understanding of the merits of minimalism and functionality that has propelled Pablo to the forefront of the contemporary lighting industry.

Each design Pablo creates embraces a less-is-more ideology without compromising on quality. Its collection of innovative lighting solutions embodies clean-lined efficiency, showcasing a refined colour palette and fitted with the latest technology. It is by using the best possible materials and timeless silhouettes that Pablo designs each piece to last, and in doing so rejects the disposable-design mindset that can often be seen today.

UMA Mini Lantern

The UMA Mini Lantern is designed by Carmine Deganello and Pablo Pardo as the latest addition to Pablo’s UMA lighting series.

This scaled-down version of the original UMA Lantern fuses state-of-the-art LED technology with rich 360° sound. Controlled via touch-sensitive volume buttons, the dimmable lamp has two soft light settings and casts a warming glow that evokes the atmosphere of a campfire.

To create a truly atmospheric lighting experience, the lantern can be paired with up to 24 other lights simultaneously using Bluetooth. Boasting up to 20 hours of battery life, the lantern reaches full power from just a three-hour charge thanks to rapid-charging USB technology.

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