Founded in 1818 by Louis Charles Pillivuyt in the region of Berry in central France, the eponymously-named design house is one of France’s oldest and most prestigious porcelain manufacturers. Combining traditional craftsmanship with innovative, modern technology, Pillivuyt continues to create exquisite porcelain today.

Aspiring towards excellent quality and timeless designs since its conception, Pillivuyt was soon adorning the tables of the Dutch Royal Court and the Egyptian Royal Court and was awarded gold medals in the Universal Exhibitions of 1878 and 1889. Honoured by the French State in 2009 with the title of Living Heritage Company in recognition of its tradition and authentic know-how, Pillivuyt continues to draw on over two centuries of experience and expertise to create exquisite porcelain today.

EA family business until the late 1930s and the outbreak of WWII, Pillivuyt’s master craftspeople continue to use traditional skills that have been handed down through the ages. Continuously on the search for cutting-edge technology to enhance their process, Pillivuyt fires each piece at temperatures of 1400°C to offer strong resistance to thermal shock and finishes them with completely non-porous glazes to maintain the highest possible standard of hygiene.nter paragraph three

White Porcelain Plissé Teapot

Expertly designed and crafted in the Marcigny region of France by Pillivuyt, this White Porcelain Plissé Teapot would make an elegant addition to any dining table.

Part of Pillivuyt’s Plissé collection, this White Porcelain Plissé Teapot combines design and functionality to reflect Pillivuyt’s exquisite attention to detail and commitment to perfection.

Fired twice at 1400°C, the elegant teapot is crafted to provide the upmost versatility and robustness. Dishwasher, microwave, oven and freezer safe, the White Porcelain Plissé Teapot is scratch resistant to ensure it retains its practicality.

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