Tatine was founded in 2001 by Margo Breznik after she discovered her talents lay in hand-blending pure perfume oils to make beautifully scented candles.

Named after Breznik’s late grandmother, Tatine creates skincare products and scented candles that boast fragrance combinations inspired by rock and roll whilst remaining rooted in nature. Each piece in its apothecary-inspired skincare collection is free-from animal testing and is bottled in a recycled-glass vessel to lessen its impact on our planet.

Each candle in Tatine’s collection is 100% handcrafted at its workshop in Chicago. It sources natural soy and beeswax from farmers across the United States and uses it as bases for the candles. Once completed with a natural cotton wick and fragranced using the purest essential oils, the candles are packaged by hand in sustainably sourced paper that has been letterpress printed using non-toxic inks for a truly natural finish.

Kensington Gardens Scented Candle

A captivating composition, this Kensington Gardens Scented Candle from Tatine is a unique olfactory experience.

With a fragrance reminiscent of fresh summer days, this candle releases a long-lasting fresh aroma with notes of jasmine and lily of the valley.

Enclosed in a heavyweight recycled glass vessel, and wrapped in no-frills, giant-font stamped paper, this understated hand-poured natural wax candle has a burning time of 16 hours of bliss.

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