Established in 2002 by Ichiro Kanai, independent cycling brand tokyobike found its humble beginnings in the historic Japanese neighbourhood of Yanaka. As mountain bikes are specially designed for tougher terrains, tokybike bicycles are their antithesis, enhanced for the hustle and bustle of cities.

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Informed by its Japanese roots, the brand centres around the 'Tokyo Slow' ideology of honouring the journey as much as the destination; taking in the sights, scents and sensations of each ride. Each bicycle is the answer to the cycling demands of city folk, driven by aesthetic and designed to be 'quick, comfortable, and beautiful enough to hang in your living room.' Packing reduced wheel sizes and lightweight steel frames, tokyobike models fit into small spaces and accelerate more efficiently than the average bicycle.

The Conran Shop's tokyobike edit welcome the CS26, Bisou and Mini Velo models. While differentiated by their target use, each bike is complete with industry-leading Shimano gears, a bell and kickstand. The classic CS26 assists in swift manoeuvring around congested streets, the Bisou is ideal for cruising across town for the weekly shop while the Mini Velo is agile enough for daily travel to work.

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