Designed in Copenhagen with renowned Danish precision, Velorbis reinvents the classic bicycle to meet the demands of the modern commuter, prioritising comfort, sustainability and European production.


The word 'Velorbis' is the combination of 'Velo,' meaning bicycle, and 'orbis,' meaning rotation or motion. Founders Christian Linde & Kenneth Bødiker established the brand to curate bicycles with the components and production methods they agreed with. They began by meticulously studying the Copenhagen cycling scene for several years, listening to the issues and demands of the city's avid cyclists and figuring out how to keep incorporating cycling as part of a sustainable and healthy lifestyle.

Each plastic-free and low-maintenance Velorbis bike originates in the brand's German factory, offering a supremely comfortable, relaxed ride that is posture-friendly, style-conscious and able to withstand harsh weather conditions, like the ones found in Scandinavia. Making two-wheel transportation the default for the modern commuter, The Conran Shop offers the Kopenhagen models for gentlemen and the Arrow for ladies. Choose from a single-speed, seven gear or electric setting.

Arrow 7-Gear Ladies Bike

Arrow Bike from Velorbis

Channel Copenhagen's relaxed cycling culture while riding the ergonomic and plastic-free Arrow 7-Gear Ladies Bike from Velorbis.

The bicycle flaunts a German-made steel frame and fork, anti-rusting mudguards, double-walled alloy rims and durable anti-puncture tires. Each model is complete with a Shimano Nexus seven-gear setting, sophisticated leather handles and a comfortable leather seat.

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