Founded by brothers Otxo and Mario Conti in 2015, Parisian design house Volta creates unique and colourful mobiles that double as timeless, fluid pieces of art.


Inspired by the artist Alexander Calder and bringing to mind the bold paintings of Dutch artist Mondrian, Volta’s mobiles make sculptural design accessible in the home. Using fresh and contemporary materials, such as copper, mirror and metal, to craft each piece, Volta’s mobiles are perfect for sitting on desks, coffee tables and as part of decorative displays.

Each mobile in Volta’s collection is handcrafted at its artisan workshop in the Spanish city of Barcelona. Its range includes standard and hanging mobiles in an extensive selection of sizes and colour combinations. After years of collaboration, The Conran Shop has decided to partner with the innovative design house to create an extra-large variation of Volta’s instantly recognisable Etourdi Mobile.

Extra Large Etourdi Mobile

Designed by Volta exclusively for The Conran Shop, this dynamic extra-large Etourdi Mobile is a timeless, fluid piece of art.

A scaled-up edition of Volta’s classic mobile, the design was inspired by the abstract art of the 1950s and Scandinavian design. The statement Etourdi Mobile features a beautifully balanced design and is finished in a vibrant red, blue, white and yellow colourway.

The ultimate way to enhance your space with a statement piece of art, the Extra Large Etourdi Mobile is a beautiful design that is sure to become a timeless accent in any surrounding.

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