The South African ceramic studio Wonki Ware specialises in delicate pieces that retain an organic aesthetic. Ranges such as the Organic Sand and exclusive Brights collections bring an effortless, natural touch to the table.

Training employees from disadvantaged backgrounds to become skilled artisans, Wonki Ware has taught over 100 local South Africans about the art of pottery. Giving back to the community in this way helps to evolve the local design industry and ensures Wonki Ware’s employees have the skills and enthusiasm they need to succeed. As a result, the Wonki Ware workshop is continuously abuzz with creativity and productivity.

Inspired by the vibrant, warm spirit of Africa, Wonki Ware has created a collection of classic designs that are as timeless as they are colourful. Each piece is crafted from clay dug locally in the Eastern Cape, which is then left to dry in the sunshine before being fire-glazed. The Conran Shop hosts a selection of exclusive Wonki Ware designs as part of its crockery collection, perfect for bringing a unique touch to your dining space.

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