How To Choose A Lounge Chair

The beauty of a designer lounge chair is that it functions both as a decorative, statement piece, as well as a place of solace and retreat within the bustle of home life. We stock a range of contemporary lounge chairs as well as design classics, allowing you to choose a chair that is as much a piece of art as it is a piece of furniture.

A number of historically designed lounge chairs exhibiting a firm grasp of function have become design classics due to their emphasis on comfort, high performance, and beauty. We stock a selection of classic pieces, carefully curated from the past century of interior design.

Things to Consider

To create space in a smaller-sized room or corner, keep furniture pieces to a minimum.

Larger spaces can benefit from the drama and presence of darker woods and colours. In smaller rooms, lighter coloured upholstery can provide the illusion of more space, as can co-ordinating your furniture.

Consider the shape of the lounge chair that will best suit its desired functions. High backs offer privacy in a living room, and excellent support for the head and neck, whereas more horizontally oriented loungers offer flexibility and more restful lounging. Design-focused pieces will bring added flair when placed at the centre of a room.

Choosing Upholstery

With so much variety available, it can be difficult to know how to choose the best fabrics. Ideally, you will want to know whether the tones you are choosing match existing tones in the room, and to see how they match with your other furniture pieces. We have made this easier for you by offering all of our exclusive fabric options as samples, either to view in one of our Stores, to order online, or to take home.

As a general rule for all fabric upholstery, direct sunlight can cause the material to fade and age, so always protect your pieces from sun exposure.

Iris Lounge Chair
by Huw Evans for The Conran Shop

A nod to Sir Terence Conran's timeless Cone Chair and in the works since 2019, the remarkable Iris Lounge Chair by our very own Huw Evans is also a winner of the Design Guild Mark in 2023. Offered to you today in an oak or walnut finish, each wood is stretched and manipulated for a sense of fluidity; the Iris is exclusively at The Conran Shop. 

“Chaises longues can be used to very good effect in the right place.”

Sir Terence Conran, The House Book, 1974