Arturo Álvarez

Self-taught artist and designer, Arturo Álvarez was born in Spain in 1964, developing his talents through the exploration of nature, humanity and scenography. Paying homage to the Bauhaus and movements such as Art Deco and Art Nouveau, Álvarez began by experimenting with glasswork, eventually moving on to geometric and abstract forms.

Álvarez believes that “at the end, the only thing that’s left is interpersonal relationships” and his handcrafted creations have been fittingly labelled as ‘emotional art’. With the human being at the centre of his designs, he intertwines emotions, function, aesthetics and artisanal crafting. His expressive lighting both enhances your home with an idyllic ambience and adds a theatrical touch to it too.

Our edit of Arturo Álvarez lighting encompasses grandiose chandeliers and pendants, innovatively handcrafted from the finest materials. Each of his designs is completed with the award-winning Simetech®, which allows usually resistant steel mesh to become malleable, creating a natural, unique finish within each piece.

Coral Chandelier 5 White

A textural and ambient addition to any space, the Coral Chandelier 5 is crafted in a series of organic shapes with Simetech®, a silicone covered woven stainless steel mesh. Reflecting the beauty of coral reefs, it's engineered in white with defined lines to elegantly diffuse light.

Beginning with cold steel mesh, this typically resistant material is moved and folded into elegant, fluid curves using intricate techniques developed by Alvarez himself.

Awarded of the ‘Best of Year’ 2014 by Interior Design magazine, Simetech® is used on each of Alvarez’s Coral pendants and allows the usually resistant steel mesh to become malleable, creating a natural, unique finish on each piece.

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