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A Concert of Images – The Conran Shop Journal

Earlier this year, The Conran Shop invited Brooklyn-based artist, SupaKitch, to turn a limited edition sound system into a piece of art and a unique collector’s item.

To call SupaKitch simply an artist doesn't quite do it justice. The self-styled ‘graphic-songwriter’ is a painter, graffiti artist, tattooist, fashion designer and illustrator and his work is highly regarded worldwide for its innovative crossovers with performance art.

Born in France and now based in Brooklyn, SupaKitch has exhibited around the globe following the success of his first solo exhibit at Miami Art Basel, and has collaborated with musicians and designers such as agnès b, Converse, Émilie Simon and now The Conran Shop. In 2005, a collection of his works sold at auction in Munich and over the years he has acquired a significant cult following.

Among the many musical partnerships he has struck is one with Parisian sound lab, La Boîte Concept, the design team behind the glossy LD130 stereo- system.

At a late-night Christmas shopping event in our Marylebone store this week, SupaKitch, together with an accompanying DJ from La Boîte Concept performed a musical live-painting of the limited edition corian and walnut LD130. His art has been described as a “pop-romantic universe with Asian influences” and the holistic approach he adopts in the performance was truly hypnotic.

The result is a spectacular fusion of high-tech contemporary design with organic decoration that makes quite the statement piece, impressive both for its insanely good (club-standard) sound quality, as well as its intricate graffiti penmanship.

Visitors to our Marylebone store can see the finished article on display, and it is now available to purchase (price on request). It really is trop chic!