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Exclusive Hand-Dyed Textiles

The Conran Shop is celebrating unique hand-dying techniques from across the globe; exploring the textile traditions in Mali, India and Japan, each beautifully curated collection showcases the finest in artisanal skill and intricate craftsmanship.


Mali 4

An artisan from the Malian cooperative hangs hand-dyed fabric out to dry



Mali 2

Cotton is bound with thread before dyeing to create a unique pattern


Mali: Indigo Cushion Covers

Working in collaboration with a Malian cooperative, this exquisite selection of cushion covers showcases a range of traditional indigo-dyed designs. Based in Bamako, the capital of Mali, this cooperative operates within the community and provides work for over 100 people in the textile industry. In 2010, the cooperative was recognised by UNESCO for its work.


Mali 1

An artisan carefully unrolls freshly dip-dyed cotton


Mali 3

A selection of the intricate indigo designs


Crafted using traditional bogolan tie-dye techniques and vibrant indigo, the cooperative utilises its artisans' skills in weaving, spinning, cutting and sewing to produce truly beautiful cushion covers. Crafted with 100% organic cotton, each piece is hand-finished for a unique result.


India: Dipped-Fringed Cushion Covers

The Conran Shop is dedicated to utilising traditional artisan techniques, and passionate about reworking them into new designs with a contemporary feel.

Working with highly skilled dyers and embroiderers in India, the Dipped-Fringed Cushion Cover collection was created to showcase the fine detailing the artisans can achieve over the lengthy production process.


India 4

Left: Dipped-Fringed Cushion Cover Cobalt & Quince; Right: Mali Indigo Cushion Cover


India 1

Dipped-Fringed Cushion Covers: Traditional 'bandini' tied cord


Each cushion features over 1000 hand-finished cords, which are tied in the traditional bandini technique and dipped twice in dye to create the contrasting double-hued effect. Each striking piece is crafted with intricate attention to detail and the process is highly labour intensive, requiring the artisan to call on their expansive knowledge and traditional skill to complete each one to a superior standard.


India 3

Dipped-Fringed Cushion Covers: Completed pieces


India 2

Dipped-Fringed Cushion Covers: An artisan carefully lays out individual cords for sewing


By choosing a Dipped-Fringed Cushion Cover to accent your home décoryou would not only be in possession of a limited edition piece, but also contributing to the demand for traditional crafts and skills, keeping the time-honoured techniques of Indian artisans alive.


Japan: Suzusan Shibori Throws

In collaboration with Japanese textile artist Hiroyuki Murase, founder of fashion label Suzusan, The Conran Shop created this limited edition series of distinctive throws that each showcase the traditional Japanese dyeing technique known as Shibori.


Shibori 1

Suzusan Shibori Throws


Shibori 2

Suzusan Shibori Throws


Hiroyuki, a master of the Shibori dyeing technique, and his team embark on the time consuming process by tying or clamping fabric to produce unique patterns once introduced to the dye.

The beauty of these limited edition throws, created in collaboration with Suzusan, lies in the attention to detail; the inimitable hand-feel of the merino-cashmere blend combined with the intensity of the different blue dyes gives a striking and opulent finish.


Shibori 3

Suzusan Shibori Throws: Throw displayed on an L C 4 Chaise Lounge



Shibori 4

Suzusan Shibori Throws: Close-up dye detail


The Conran Shop is proud to present these ranges both in-store and online as part of our exclusive textiles collection. Each range focuses on the traditional artisanal craft of a specific region and encourages these skills to be taught and passed down through generations.