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Christmas in Space

This Christmas, The Conran Shop presents Christmas in Space – a charming and vibrant take on the festive season.


Set in a universe of Robot Elves, Astronaut Santa and Space Gardens; the theme is influenced by the 1960’s and 70’s fascination with intergalactic exploration and whimsical references to the era’s iconic science fiction films. A colour palette of vivid orange, red and fuchsia combined with playful variations of silver injects vibrancy into the ombré orange backdrop.


Ultimate Gifts are transported from the Infinity Porthole along a glittering conveyer belt lit with White Neon Flex Lights in the Robot Elf Factory. Robot Elves wrap the gifts, which include handbags such as the Leather Shopper by Tinct, Wolfum’s wooden Domino Set, colourful Penny Skateboards by Absolute Board Co, organic beauty products from Susanne Kaufmann and captivating Comme des Garçons fragrances. Above hangs a canopy of Silver Concertina Spheres, spiky Star Sputniks and structured honeycomb Paper Planets, all from the unique range of decorations.

The wrapped gifts are loaded on to a space buggy together with stocking fillers such as Neon Slingshots by Hella Slingshots, The Conran Shop’s Darth Vader Paper Models and the paint-splashed Pollock Chocolate Bar by Unelefante. The space buggy transports the gifts and stocking fillers in silver Space Sacks to be loaded on to Santa’s Space Rocket.

carousel_2The Robot Elves’ Christmas lunch in a Space Garden atop the iconic Saarinen Dining Table together with the classic Eames DSR Chairs, all surrounded by Perspex Mobiles in fuchsia and orange. Hanging above, unique geometrically formed Asteroid Lights by Innermost in iridescent glass complete the scene.

The Robot Elves’ Christmas dining table is set with Round Perspex Placemats in neon orange by Whiteghyll, complemented by Knindustrie’s Stonewashed Stainless Steel Cutlery and contrasting white Dibbern’s Fine Dining Plates. Stemware is set on transparent orange Resin Coasters by Corsi Design, while the exclusive and handmade orange Talma Tumblers by Le Funambulle are finished with a white edge. The dining table is further decorated with pink fairy lights and laid with The Conran Shop’s white Neon Tag Christmas Crackers with pink ribbons and Perspex tags.


Christmas in Space has launched in The Conran Shop, both in store and online.