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Dark Is the Night 2021: The Round Up

Adorned with the wise words and inspiring auras of Alessandro Sarfatti of Astep and Luis De Olveira of De La Espada, we look back at the return of our Dark Is the Night Event after two years, and prepare for the darker, more intimate months of autumn and winter with new and exclusive lighting.

Soundtracked by DJ Seb Emmïns and scented by Tuscan perfumer, Dr. Vranjes, our lovely, fascinated audience reclined comfortably in our considered assortment of seating while sipping on delightful concoctions courtesy of tequila innovators El Rayo. If you couldn't make it, you can watch the panel discussion on Instagram.

With standard time being a period of subdued ambience, we dim our lights to match our moods, however, as the production of melatonin increases and serotonin decreases, it's important to optimise your lighting to lower your chances of falling victim to disorders such as SAD. To help battle winter woes, we've shortlisted our new and exclusive highlights for the new season, and beyond.

The Exclusive 548 Lamp in yellow against a neutral background by Gino Sarfatti for Astep

Exclusive 548 Table Lamp

by Gino Sarfatti for Astep

Designed in 1951, the Model 548 is a study in balance and light reflection, providing both a reflected and diffused glow thanks to its adjustable spotlight. The prominent and exclusive yellow diffuser offers a highly sophisticated light effect essential to the illusion and play with perception, with a discreetly integrated optical dimmer.

Le Sfere Chandelier

by Gino Sarfatti for Astep

The sky served as a muse for Gino Sarfatti as he was fascinated by the perfect light emitted by the Moon. Designed in 1959, the Le Sfere Chandelier gracefully references his interest in the natural poetry of the lunar landscape, reimagined by Astep in 2018 featuring blown opaline glass spheres held in place by an intricate steel structure.

Exclusive L037 Pendant Light

by Hans J. Wegner for Pandul

Designed by the legendary Wegner, the L037 is a true height-adjustable classic; collaborating with Pandul, The Conran Shop is delighted to exclusively offer this iconic piece from the late designer’s extensive portfolio. The Pendant in exquisite spun brass provides a unique construction that allows the user to pull the lamp’s direction up or down with a polished handle.

Patera 900 Pendant Light

by Øivind Slaatto for Louis Poulsen

The Patera was inspired by the Fibonacci sequence, a pattern that appears in nature as a spiral. Presented as a glowing sphere formed of diamond-shaped cells arranged in a pattern reminiscent of sunflowers and pinecones, the pendant casts a subtle, diffused light through the glowing shapes. Crafted from matt white plastic, the pendant also features chromed brass accents for a considered finish.

Hand Grenade

Bring Natural Light Into Your Home

by Artek

For autumn and winter 2021, the Finnish design luminary generously complements and extends natural daylight in our homes. Receive a free Light Tasting Set with qualifying purchases until 31st January 2022; each box includes a selection of three top-quality bulbs to infuse natural light throughout your space.


Aerial Chandelier


Inspired by the past. Reimagined for today. BEEM have deconstructed the traditional concept and created a striking new form with the linear brass Aerial Chandelier. Its sculptural, minimal, design is best suited to the BEEM Smile Bulbs, which add vertical or horizontal accents that can be rotated on either side of the central bar.

Be sure to read our exclusive Q&A with Alessandro, shop the latest lighting, and discover upcoming festivities and events.