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Feel the Energy: Meet Vyrao Founder Yasmin Sewell

If you’ve been wooed by the energetic powers of cult fragrance brand Vyrao, you aren’t the only one. Founder Yasmin Sewell has channelled all of her passion, experience and emotion into the brand to create what she considers her ‘life’s work’; it’s no wonder it’s a rousing success. We sit down with the London-based creative to try to unveil the mystical powers of Vyrao’s intoxicating scent collection.

1. Hello Yasmin, welcome to The Conran Shop! Please may you tell us a little about Vyrao and your philosophy?

Hey! Thank you so much for having me.

Vyrao is first and foremost a well-being brand. When I was creating Vyrao, I realised that energy needed to be the source of my brand and to develop products that really helped you have an emotional shift. Fragrance can do that beautifully and instantly.

We’ve created a first by fusing energetic healing and master perfumery, we want to use scent to help us connect to ourselves and our feelings, and only the good feelings. Everything we create is made at the highest level, and formulated to evoke specific positive emotions.  Every plant and flower is chosen for its healing benefits. We are close to 90% natural, we use organic sugar cane alcohol and use no pesticides or fertilisers, so they are good for you in more ways than one.


2. How do you think your background in the fashion industry has influenced Vyrao?

I often describe Vyrao as my life’s work, combining my background in fashion, art and culture and my love of wellness. The two coming together is Vyrao; they are symbiotic. 

The collaborations that we work on, the design of the bottles, our website, our campaigns, and everything we create is all about energetic exchange. This is definitely something that has come from my experience working in the fashion industry. 

3. What ignited your interest in fragrance?

I have always been interested in scent and fragrance, even from being a child. One of my fondest memories is being in my grandmother Georgette’s rose garden, picking and smelling all of the roses with her. I formulated and named our rose fragrance ‘Georgette’ after her, because she and those moments were so important to me.

4. Scent is so closely linked to memory and emotion; how do you channel this in the creation of your fragrances, and is there a particular scent that sparks your memory?

Emotion is always what comes first. We worked with the incredible nose Lyn Harris to formulate our first five fragrances, and I briefed her in a way she’d never been briefed. I came to her with the emotions I wanted to evoke first rather than the notes, which was a new way to work.

All of our fragrances have been formulated to evoke a specific emotion; Free 00 for liberation and sensuality, I am Verdant for transformation and illumination, Magnetic 70 for attraction and protection, Georgette for self-love, and Witchy Woo for courage and creativity.

5. You describe your fragrances as 'amplifiers of energy'; how does this affect wellness and healing? 

Everything we create has been formulated and designed to shift and raise your energy, which considerably affects wellness and healing. Science has shown that positive emotions and feelings can contribute to better health. You always hear people talking about how they’ve been stressed, and now they are feeling unwell, and they have a cold or their glands are up, but you never hear people talk about how they’ve had the most wonderful week, laughing with friends, and now they feel really well. But it’s true; the positive always has more impact than the negative. 

6. Your scents comprise 88-89% natural ingredients, of which 80% are certified organic; how do you plan to continue working sustainably and champion this ethos?

We have a focus on being future-proof; sustainability is at the top of our lists when we are creating new products. We made a decision to never use plastic film as it’s completely non-recyclable, and we ensure that all of our packaging is created from recycled fibres and is 100% recyclable. We are always looking for ways to improve and champion our sustainability ethos and continue to work towards best practices.


7. We are pleased to offer five Vyrao fragrances at The Conran Shop; might you have a personal favourite?

Asking me to pick my favourite is like asking me to pick a favourite child! It’s so hard…but at the moment I am really loving Free 00, it’s the most beautiful summer scent. It reminds me of a summer holiday and is just delicious. 

8. And lastly, what do you see for the future of Vyrao?

We have so many exciting plans for Vyrao that sadly I can’t talk about right now, but we do have a new fragrance launching in the fall which is incredible and I really think is going to blow people's minds…

Discover the Vyrao collection at The Conran Shop, and follow Yasmin on Instagram.