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The Cesca Chair collection in unison against a white background.

Icons at The Conran Shop: Cesca Chair

At The Conran Shop, we take pride in not only prolonging the legacy of, but also breathing new life into, the most iconic designs. The latest example of this is Marcel Breuer's signature Cesca Chair for Knoll, exclusively available with us in a beguiling black chrome finish.

The Cesca was conceptualised by the Hungarian-American Breuer not long after he left the infamous German art school Bauhaus, where he studied alongside and under the likes of Walter Gropius, Wassily Kandinsky, and Josef Albers. Widely considered one of the most popular and influential architects and furniture designers of the 20th century, he became an icon of Modernism.

A black and white photo of the designer Marcel Breuer sitting on an armchair.

Cycling around the German town of Dessau, Breuer found inspiration in the tubular steel framing of traditional bicycle handlebars; the rest is history. Making the most of steel's lightweight yet sturdy properties, Breuer created countless prototypes using intricated bending and welding techniques, first arriving at his Wassily Chair, then the Laccio Table, and finally, the Cesca Chair. The chair was initially titled the 'B32' until it was thoughtfully renamed after Breuer's daughter Francesca (nicknamed Cesca).

An archive photograph of Marcel Breuer's daughter Francesca sat on the Cesca Chair with a dog and homewares by her side.

The first of its kind to be mass-produced, the Cesca was an instant sensation, and was thought to have changed the course of the century's furniture design. It was first manufactured by Michael Thonet's eponymous brand Thonet, then the Italian Gavina, and finally, it found its home in the American powerhouse Knoll, after it acquired the Gavina Group. Since then, over 250,000 Cescas have been sold.

A behind-the-scenes take of the five new Cesca Chairs being photographed.
Two cream-hued Cesca Chairs pictured with our exclusive rosewood-covered Tulip Table against a terrazzo background.

Today, the Cesca is celebrated as one of the ten most important chairs of the 20th-century, proudly sitting in the permanent collection at New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art. Its sculpturesque yet straightforward stature is regarded as radical today as it was at its inception, nearly 100 years ago.

Now proudly available at The Conran Shop in close collaboration with Knoll, the black chrome take presents mesmerising wicker caning on the Cesca's backrest, upholstered with four complementing KnollTextiles colourways for the seat. The Bernat Klein-inspired sapphire and scarlet result from space-dyed yarns, while the camel and charcoal offer a stain-repellent finish. Finally, Mr Breuer's signature completes each timeless piece as a personal finishing touch and mark of authenticity.

Shop the exclusive Cesca edit today to take home a piece of furniture history.

The exclusive Cesca Chair in scarlet against a white background.
The exclusive Cesca Chair in charcoal against a white background.
The exclusive Cesca Chair in sapphire against a white background.
The exclusive Cesca Chair in a camel hue against a white background.