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Icons at The Conran Shop: Pacha Chair

The newest season brings with it the arrival of Outdoor 22: The Conran Shop's edit of weatherproofed, outdoor furniture and lighting and lifestyle pieces. The latest Pacha Outdoor Chair is among the offering, a stylish, weatherproofed edition of the design classic. To celebrate the release, we take a closer look at the story behind the Pacha.

The Pacha Chair is anything but subtle. Exhibiting a sumptuous, curvaceous form and decadent proportions, the chair is the epitome of sublime comfort, with soft curves folding into one another to create an expressionist, low-slung seat. Designed by French furniture and interior design legend Pierre Paulin in 1975, the Pacha represents the spirit of the 70s, a decade that embraced new approaches to design and a more modern, playful aesthetic. 

Pierre Paulin's avant-garde designs were revolutionary at their unveiling and are coveted to this day. Characterised by their unique, expressive shapes, the infamous pieces can be found at respected institutions the world over, instantly recognisable for their sculptural lines and playful names such as Orange Slice, Tongue or Mushroom. The Tongue Chair is now on display at New York's MoMA; the former French president Georges Pompidou's private collection held the Pumpkin Armchair while the Butterfly Armchair sits at Melbourne's National Gallery of Victoria. The Pacha is among many world-renowned pieces by the influential designer.

Paulin's vision for the chair was to create the sensation of "sitting on clouds." An informal design, the overall feel of the Pacha is organic and hyper-relaxed; a stark contrast to the austerity of post-war design that preceded it. Although the design is generous in size, it takes up very little floor space, making it a practical choice in both large-scale and more compact settings. The chair's elegant, rounded form sits on a stainless steel fixed or swivel base and results from foam padding, finely stitched lines, and Dedar's Karakorum fabric. Paulin designed the Pacha without the constraints of legs, revolutionising the way we relax at home and resulting in an iconic piece that was instrumental to the development of late 20th-century design.

Pacha 2
Pacha 1

A concept very much ahead of its time, the effortless versatility of the Pacha design fully came into its own in recent years. GUBI reissued the popular home piece in 2018, and the flexible form takes on a whole new meaning in the current-day popular trend for low-level living. The modular nature of the design allows the user flexibility in its configuration to suit the needs of each home and family.

Expanding its collection following the success of the Pacha re-launch, GUBI has introduced a new outdoor edition for 2022. Comprising a Lounge Chair, Armchair and Ottoman, the outdoor Pacha collection flaunts a swivel base and is upholstered in Dedar's 'Libera' outdoor bouclé and a specialist polyethene fabric that allows for effortless outdoor use. Complete with an accompanying protective water-resistant cover designed to shelter your Pacha from the elements, the collection brings the beauty and opulence of the Pacha form into a new setting.

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