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Icons at The Conran Shop: Reale Table

Originally designed by Carlo Mollino in 1946, the Reale table remains an emblem of the designer’s aptitude for achieving function using an eccentric, complex silhouette.




Reproduced by Italian manufacturer Zanotta from Mollino's original drawings, the Reale table is a juxtaposition of honest materials, with a bevel-edged glass surface resting on slender lines of natural oak.

The table fits seamlessly into a contemporary landscape and is a starkly modern form; the confident plane of glass is held by a playfully complex wooden structure, with a series of intricate joints in strong, perfectly balanced suspension.




The materials lend themselves perfectly to the table's form, with the glass surface allowing a clear view to the base's intricate structure from all angles. Perfect as an alternative desk or dining table, Reale instantly lifts a space with its intriguing shape and welcoming surface.

This timeless twentieth-century design is a contemporary piece built with premium craftsmanship and demonstrates Mollino’s undeniable foresight into the future of design.




Carlo Mollino

Award-winning designer Carlo Mollino was born in Turin in 1905 and is renowned for his wide-ranging professions. A keen designer, architect, photographer and pilot, Mollino combined aspects of each field to design furniture with captivating, seemingly impossible balance in unique, innovative forms.

Once credited as saying, “Everything is permissible as long as it is fantastic”, Mollino fed his eclectic interests, which ranged from race cars to the occult, into his design outlook, to create one-of-a-kind designs with as much personality as their creator.


Carlo Mollino. Image courtesy of Architectural Digest ©

Carlo Mollino. Image courtesy of Architectural Digest ©