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LDF16 | In Conversation With Jamie McIntyre

Our diary for this year’s London Design Festival is filled with exciting events, including our collaboration with It’s Nice That, ‘A Load of Jargon’, a playful installation of colourful pieces that examine the overused phrases and buzzwords of the design industry.

Jamie McIntyre, Senior Art Director of It’s Nice That and a driving force behind ‘A Load of Jargon’, speaks to us about inspiration, installations and design partners Isabel + Helen, who brought the exhibit to life.



How was the concept of ‘A Load of Jargon’ conceived? 

We wanted to create an installation that would resonate with people during LDF and also reflect It's Nice That’s tone of voice. Press releases soon came up in conversation as a regular, and sometimes perplexing, regular — the volume of them, the jargon and the sometimes monumental tone of them. We used this as a starting point and explored how we could extract buzzwords in a more playful and dynamic way.

We quickly identified that so many of these words or phrases lent themselves to being physical —“Top line" "Ballpark" "Drip Feed” – and that’s when we approached Isabel + Helen. From then on it was an exciting road of invention, prototyping, material sampling and more jargon!


How have you found collaborating with The Conran Shop?

Time, freedom and trust are key in making good work, and The Conran Shop gave us these in abundance. It made for a truly seamless process with a lot of laughs along the way.

What made Isabel + Helen the natural choice for these installations?

The two of them are extremely driven and passionate about what they do, that was a big draw for us. Also, their portfolio of work has a great balance of beautiful craftsmanship alongside conceptual work that doesn't take itself too seriously. They were the ideal collaborators for this project.


What is the importance of interactivity in these installations?

As an exhibition, the aim was for the sculptures to be respected as artworks in their own right. The whole experience feels quite personable throughout, and we achieved this through our considered primary palette, soft materials and even giving people the chance to slam dunk a basketball. We wanted people to feel that they could engage and enjoy A Load of Jargon, no matter what their background.


What do you hope people visiting the installation take away with them?

We simply hope everyone engages with the spirit of the exhibition and enjoys experiencing the installations and space we have designed. If it means that people think twice before sending an email full of meaningless babble in the future, then that will be a bonus.



Unfortunately London Design Festival 2016 is now over. However, you can find out more about The Conran Shop's events and LDF19 activities here