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LDF17 Our/London x The Conran Shop Infusions

LDF17 | In Conversation with Our/London

To celebrate London Design Festival 2017, we've partnered with Our/London to showcase their four brand new vodka infusions: juniper, oak, citrus and tea, brought to life through sculptures by award-winning set designers Isabel + Helen at The Conran Shop Marylebone. 

We spoke to Joel from Our/London about the collaboration, the process behind distilling these unique new infusions and where Our/Vodka draws inspiration from. 

LDF17 Our/London x The Conran Shop Infusions

LDF17 Our/London x The Conran Shop Infusions


What makes Our/London and The Conran Shop a perfect match for this project?

Our/London Vodka and The Conran Shop are a match made in heaven; we both believe in quality, design and doing things differently.

The Conran Shop was one of our first ever partners in London when we launched and we have had a close working relationship ever since. Being a new brand, we place a very high value on our relationships so we always look to see how we can offer more than the others on the market.

When we presented the The Conran Shop with the idea of making giant models out of the same raw materials that we have in Our/Infusion kits they got behind the concept immediately. There is a shared ethos and thinking, which has meant that the project has been a joy to work on.



Images courtesy of Our/London


Tell us a bit about developing the infusion flavours: where did you look for inspiration?

Our/Infusions has been made specifically with the Our/Vodka flavour profile in mind. To find the perfect flavour match was a labour of love – to seek the balance that bought out the smooth, citrus and almost floral character in Our/Vodka was a challenge.

We always look at the best on the world bar scene when finding inspiration as bartenders love to infuse. They take something that is available to everyone and make it unique, often giving the much-overlooked vodka spirit a whole new lease of life.

We wanted to use classic flavours with a twist and source the best ingredients possible. Our/Oak gives you a smoky feel reminiscent of whisky, in Our/Juniper you find that botanical note that gin has but with an unusual depth and Our/Tea and Our/Citrus are much lighter - infusing in only 8 minutes with wonderful refreshing and zesty profiles respectively.


Images courtesy of Our/London


If you had to bottle The Conran Shop experience, what kind of notes and flavours would you use?

It would have to be something unisex and unique, a flavour that challenges the palate made with quality ingredients. We thought Bergamot and sandalwood: fresh and clean but at the same time warm and tactile.


How would you describe the characteristics of Our/London to someone who hadn’t tried it?

Clean, smooth and pure with a fruity note.


Images courtesy of Our/London


What part of Isabel + Helen’s installation are you most excited about seeing?

The Our/Citrus Infusion installation will have a fresh lemon smell that will be like walking through the Amalfi Coast!


Shop the Our/London collection here and find the infusion for you.

Unfortunately London Design Festival 2017 is now over. However, you can find out more about The Conran Shop's events and LDF19 activities here