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Sella Concept installation at The Conran Shop

LDF19 • In Conversation with Sella Concept

The Conran Shop Chelsea celebrates London Design Festival 2019 with an immersive installation created by interior design duo Sella Concept. The installation, named AD INFINITUM, pays homage to icons and their enduring influence on contemporary design.

Sella Concept’s mirror-filled installation in the Chelsea store’s large windows encourages us to investigate icons from entirely new perspectives. First of all, this ingenious installation allows visitors to immerse themselves in a place of active reflection. Furthermore, it also inspires a rejection of the pursuit of newness often found in contemporary consumerism.

The model for the Sella Concept LDF19 window

AD INFINITUM is largely influenced by Mexican architect Luis Barragán and his ground-breaking use of space and colour. This is certainly recognisable in the installation thanks to the prevalence of vibrant apertures and abstract shapes.

Hovering screens, colourful openings and spherical windows run throughout the installation and encompass the length of the shopfront. Similarly, mirrors and aluminium populate the exhibition to create endless reflections of the specially selected designs on display. By embracing reflection as a metaphor for temporal transition, AD INFINITUM conveys The Conran Shop’s passion for innovation and icons.

The model for the Sella Concept LDF19 window

The installation incorporates exclusive pieces from The Conran Shop’s AW19 collection. The designs range from Samuel Wilkinson’s award-winning Latis Chair with Kvadrat/Raf Simons upholstery to a limited-edition Wishbone Chair. It also includes a breath-taking update to Eero Saarinen’s Tulip Table, which now features a Fusion Fire granite tabletop.

The display will be complemented with acoustics by sound specialist Fabio Garces of Sonic Enchantment. Garces has prepared a mixture of hypnotic melodies and amplified natural frequencies to immerse, inspire and intrigue you as much as the design icons before your eyes.

As far as design icons go, Sella Concept’s constant favourite is Antoni Arola’s matte gold Flamingo 1510 Pendant. The duo is enthralled by the way the elegant and emotive lamp is capable of floating and transporting the user.

The model for the Sella Concept LDF19 window

What is Sella Concept?

Non-conventional design studio Sella Concept was the first choice to create this striking tribute to classics and future collectibles. Founded by Tatjana von Stein and Gayle Noonan, Sella Concept’s day-to-day role consists of reinventing retail, hospitality and office environments.

We sat down with the duo to discover even more about the installation and their fascination with design.

Sella Concept's founders Tatjana von Stein and Gayle Noonan

Tatjana and Gayle begin each project with a “copious amount of excitement around the possibilities of […] the new brief”. Tatjana is keen to explore shape and form, while Gayle focuses on the brand and creative opportunities.

Together, they meticulously consider the finer details in each project to enhance the customer’s experience. Above all, this approach to design is what makes The Conran Shop’s AD INFINITUM installation truly unique and immersive.

Sella Concept's co-founder Tatjana von Stein

Sella Concept relishes the way each project requires problem-solving, and benefits from the duo's multi-disciplinary approach to create innovative solutions. Most noteworthy is Gayle’s fascination with the effect refined environments and objects have on her. Likewise, Tatjana’s life is immersed in design and she dreams of “design, shapes, forms” and the emotions they evoke.

It comes as no surprise that their vision for future design is as integrated and emotive as it is sustainable.

Unfortunately London Design Festival 2019 is now over. However, you can find out more about The Conran Shop's events and activities here