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A Light Bulb Moment

At the beginning of September an EU law came into effect that bans the sales of energy-wasting halogen light bulbs, as part of an admirable effort to cut carbon emissions and improve energy efficiency.

To celebrate this change in legislation and wave goodbye to daylight saving time in style, The Conran Shop is putting the spotlight on LED technology, as we showcase our specially curated collection of energy-efficient bulbs, soon to include our exclusive collaboration with lighting specialist and LED pioneer Well-Lit.


Consuming just one fifth of the energy of a halogen bulb, using LED bulbs across Europe could prevent up to 15m tonnes of carbon emissions a year. Minimising energy bills as well as emissions, a typical LED bulb can last up to 20 years and could save households as much as £112 a year on electricity.

A notoriously inefficient method of lighting, halogen bulbs often create more heat than light, even a low-voltage halogen bulb isn’t remarkably low-energy. Paving the way for a transition to LED bulbs, the new law prevents shops across Europe from reordering halogen bulbs entirely.

Eager to encourage the use of energy-efficient LED technology, The Conran Shop offers a wide range of LED bulbs, including our upcoming exclusive collaboration of sculptural bulbs with Well-Lit.


Three LED bulbs from the Conran x Well-Lit collection

Three LED bulbs from the Conran x Well-Lit collection



For the first time in the history of The Conran Shop, we will be releasing our own exclusive range of LED bulbs, in collaboration with sustainable lighting manufacturer Well-Lit, seeking to innovatively increase the quality and aesthetics of LEDs.

Featuring fifteen different designs, the collection offers the choice between warm and bright colour temperatures, allowing you to customise the ambience in your home and achieve a well-lit space.

Each bulb in the collection is expertly crafted by hand, offering a more ethical production process and a higher standard of quality than machine-made alternatives. A unique and novel way to upgrade existing lamps or pendants, the collection presents an opportunity to introduce customisable, energy-efficient personality to your space.


The Conran Shop's exclusive Conran x Well-Lit collection is available to shop in-store and online now.