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Light Up Your World With LG OLED x Yinka Ilori

Returning to London Craft Week after three years, we were adamant about making this a re-entrance to remember, and so enlisted the magical touch of LG OLED and Yinka Ilori; read on to find out how this electrifying alliance came to life.

The collaboration of colour and craft has been in the works for a while; we established our Korean foundations in 2019 with the launch of our award-winning store in Gangnam, unveiling our biggest retail location to date, where LG spotted the potential for a partnership as it took note of the television technology used for our in-store advertising. LG hails from Seoul, and its global reach has blossomed, particularly in the UK as of late, proving the perfect time for this intercontinental partnership.

For the Craft Week project, we knew we wanted to highlight our newest product arrivals, and LG was willing to offer us a brigade of its most-advanced OLED televisions; the missing piece of the puzzle was an artist to complete this fusion of design, technology, and art, and who better to represent a borderless vision than Yinka Ilori.

Ilori's bold visual language draws on his British-Nigerian heritage to convey new narratives through contemporary design and craft. Following considerable research into the meaning, emotions, symbolism, and mythology of the eyes, Ilori decided to present a captivating installation entitled 'Forest of Eyes.'

The storefronts now host LG OLED evo TV screens nestled within eye-shaped timber boxes designed by Ilori and his team to take over both Chelsea and Marylebone windows. Inspired by the blossoming of a flower, the eyes feature bright, colourful gradients and forms, animated in dynamic ways - a first for Ilori. A mirrored floor and an abundance of other smaller timber eyes are displayed across both installations to further enhance the forest feel.

Ilori's utopian forest moves away from the hues found in nature. Instead, it employs a vivid colour palette and playful graphics to represent a newfound hope and optimism for the future, following two years of the global pandemic. The kaleidoscope of colour perfectly aligns with the themes of imagination, individuality, and passion celebrated at London Craft Week.  

"Colour and pattern have always played an important role in my work. They're powerful tools to evoke emotions and memories and allow me to connect with an audience. This collaboration has enabled me to explore new ways to bring my visual language to life using LG's OLED evo TVs. I've been able to experiment with animations alongside sculptural and graphical elements to create a unique environment for displaying The Conran Shop's new furniture collection," remarks Mr Ilori.  

Again, the collaboration could not have been possible without LG's newest OLED evo televisions, taking the home entertainment (and this Craft Week) experience to new heights. LG OLED evo is the brand's best self-lit OLED technology yet, with heightened picture quality offering higher brightness, clarity and detail for lifelike images and elegantly slender design.

Amid Ilori's forest is the finest furniture, lighting, and home accessories from our newly launched Outdoor 22 edit, hosting the latest iterations of works by design legends Pierre Paulin and Bill Curry for GUBI, global exclusives by the likes of Richard Schultz for Knoll, and an array of our own-brand collections, both new and revived.

We also proudly premiere an additional assortment of colourful collaborations, from our capsule with Collagerie and Martha Freud's exclusive ceramics to a limited-edition quintuplet of the new Panton Chair Duo by Verner Panton for Vitra. Completing the assortment is a considered edit of LG’s finest technology pieces, and Ilori's own range of homeware products, allowing you to take home a token of this celebration of craft, colour, and collaboration.

To conclude, our Creative Director Stephen Briars proclaims that "LG's evolving technology and Yinka's uplifting concept for Craft Week are ideal for the moment. These bright and vivid windows are both animated and graphic, perfect for The Conran Shop's contemporary outlook."

Head to our London Stores before mid-June to see the Forest of Eyes for yourself, and be sure to watch the behind-the-scenes video on YouTube today.