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Inspiration From the Imagination: Meet Pangea

Our latest collaboration for SS22 explores the prowess of Colombine Jubert and Laetitia Rouget, the colourful creatives behind the utopian French brand Pangea, where art meets fashion meets performance. We sit down with Colombine and Laetitia to discover more about their Conran Shop-exclusive cushions and prints, inspirations, and aspirations.

1. Hello Pangea, and welcome to The Conran Shop! Please tell us a little about yourselves and what you do.

Hello, The Conran Shop! We are the two creators behind Pangea: Colombine Jubert and Laetitia Rouget. Colombine is a fashion designer and Laetitia is an artist and ceramist. Together, we merge our know-how and our ideals to imagine a colourful utopia: Pangea!

2. What are Pangea’s greatest design inspirations?

Pangea draws its language from universal symbols and a bestiary straight out of our imagination. Our major inspirations come from modern paintings, which form an integral part of us (think the likes of Matisse, Miró, Cocteau), and from certain traditional African and Indian cultures. These are linked to our past travels and our fascination with colour and patterns.

3. Your brand is instantly recognisable for its bright and joyous colours; how do you select your palette?

It really depends on the design, the message, and/or the feeling we want to express: joy, mystery, strength, tenderness... We dream in colour, and the resulting ranges are therefore very instinctive.

4. We are pleased to offer an exclusive collection of Pangea prints and cushion covers at The Conran Shop; please could you tell us a little about the inspiration behind the pieces?

We imagined three designs for Conran Shop: the first, 'What Do You Mean,' illustrates the nebula that crosses our dreams, conscious or awake, through an abstract form. The second, 'Les Oiseaux de Nuit,' depicts two free and connected beings. The third, 'La Vie est Belle,' declares love of life through two characters dancing in the air, surrounded by symbols of love, knowledge, sharing, and celebration. Finally, concerning the colours, we were inspired by Sir Terence's signature Conran Blue, mixed with touches of primary colour, which represent the universe of Pangea.

5. Might you have a particular favourite in the collection?

'Les Oiseaux de Nuit' is one of our favourite pieces for its softness, but also because it represents a good creative ping-pong between ourselves. Plus, the quilt version of 'La Vie est Belle' is one of my favourite pieces for cosy evenings undercover.

6. You are both friends and business partners, having met whilst studying at Central Saint Martin’s; what are the benefits of working with such a close collaborator?

The most significant advantage is to know each other very well and to trust each other. We had the chance to live together in London for several years, and we understand each other both intimately and professionally.

7. Similarly, what are some of the greatest challenges of working in a creative partnership?

Time is often our biggest challenge. As we are each working on the Pangea project, in addition to our respective careers, some months can be more complicated than others. Still, we have managed to find a good balance and meet regularly between Lisbon and Paris.

8. Some of your textile pieces, such as the cushion covers, are produced in India. Why did you choose this location for your production?

This choice was made by knowledge thanks to Colombine, who had already worked in India in the past. So we started working with Rafia and Binita quite naturally because we were very impressed by the quality of the embroidery, the colourwork, and the possibility of working on unique pieces.

9. Your brand is relatively young, having been founded in 2021. What are the greatest lessons you have learned from this experience?

We have been fortunate so far because everything has gone very well, but the lesson to be learned is to know how to surround yourself with fortitude so that you can continue to advance without being overwhelmed.

10. And finally, what are your hopes for Pangea over the coming years?

We would like to keep growing organically and keep dreaming bigger. We are currently designing a collection of pieces for the home, a boat sail, and a travelling installation entitled 'Les Maisons Magiques.' We can't wait to unveil all of our new projects, and we hope that Pangea will continue its voyage with The Conran Shop.

Marvel at the exclusive Pangea collection today, explore Laetitia's ceramics, and be sure to follow this delightful duo on Instagram.