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Some of MOSCOT's glasses | Image courtesy of MOSCOT

In Conversation with MOSCOT

Founded in New York in 1915 and passed down through five generations, MOSCOT has garnered over 100 years of experience and is renowned across the globe for its iconic eyewear. Today, MOSCOT remains a permanent fixture of the Big Apple and continues to offer a spec-tacular collection of optical lenses, sunglasses and accessories.

Ahead of a very exciting collaboration with the esteemed family-owned brand, The Conran Shop sits down with Zack Moscot to discover what life looks like from behind the lens.


What are MOSCOT's core values?

It was my great grandfather and second generation, Sol Moscot, who said: “If you treat people fairly, they will come back”. MOSCOT at its core is about customer service and providing an honest product and a memorable experience. This is the heart of what we do every day and what we believe in. We instil in ourselves these values from our predecessors, yet also make sure to incorporate these philosophies through all aspects of our business.


Harvey and Zack Moscot | Image courtesy of MOSCOT

Harvey and Zack Moscot | Image courtesy of MOSCOT


What do you think has changed the most in the five generations that MOSCOT has been trading?

We work tirelessly every day to create what we proudly feel is a product and experience that one can emotionally connect with. We are constantly improving and investing in our designs, shops and ultimately the experience we provide. Over the 104 years we have been in business, I would say that the messages we communicate have not changed, nonetheless, the forms in which we communicate and the ways in which we engage with our fans have evolved through technology and digital platforms.


What sets MOSCOT apart from other eyewear brands?

I am not sure how many eyewear brands out there are from New York City, 104 years old and still maintain a 5-generation family-owned business! Us Moscots have only been focusing on one craft throughout our entirety – eyewear & eye care. We instil this optical expertise in all MOSCOT shops around the world and bring this unique NYC DNA wherever we go. There are many products out there, but it is always intriguing when you find one that not only has a history behind it you can appreciate, but is also a product that is authentic, timeless, and just fits!


Image courtesy of MOSCOT

Image courtesy of MOSCOT


MOSCOT combines science and fashion beautifully, is it ever a difficult relationship?

It’s the unique intersection between healthcare and fashion that we love and what we feel makes the eyewear space unique. My father, Dr Harvey Moscot, is an optometrist and I am the first product designer to enter the business. We couple this optical expertise with my product development background to creates frames with a focus on size, fit and lifestyle. Then I infuse some of our downtown NYC sensibility for a touch of added flare – this comes from both the past and the present. I believe that our fans know that when they come to MOSCOT they are not only receiving the proper optical advice and how to see more clearly, but also to find frames that complement their fashion aesthetic and overall wardrobe.

MOSCOT is a New York institution, what influence has the city had on the brand?

Quite a lot. Ever since the great depression in the 30’s, my great grandfather Sol has been contributing to the good of the city by providing free eye checks, frames and adjustments. My father, to this day, has a passion to give back to our city that we have been a part of for over a century, and founded a not-for-profit called MOSCOT Mobileyes, in which we provide free examinations and eyewear to underprivileged communities or organizations in Manhattan.

I thrive on the fashion and product side and the energy and culture of New York City, and the people living in it, inspire new designs and collections that I hope transcend cultures and different forms of fashion.


The MOSCOT store at 108 Orchard Street in New York | Image courtesy of MOSCOT

The MOSCOT store at 108 Orchard Street in New York | Image courtesy of MOSCOT


What excites you about the MOSCOT x Conran collaboration, what parallels exist between the two brands?

We’re excited that we have the same belief in classic, iconic design and sustainability through design itself. Our iconic LEMTOSH frame has been an iconic and popular style since the 50s and continues to be the go-to for many creative, artistic and independent individuals. The frame is clean and simple, yet the shape is sophisticated and complementary on the face. The LEMTOSH, as we like to say, is CLASSICONIC and is no different than your favorite pair of jeans or wing tip shoes that get better with time.


What does the future hold for MOSCOT?

My hope is another 5 generations. As the fifth generation, fortunate enough to run the company with my father every day, I intend to stick to our passion and expertise but always be mindful of where we come from. It’s these simple principles and humble beginnings that we must never forget as we continue to tell our story around the world and push into the next generation of MOSCOT.


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