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Bibendum Oyster Bar | Image via OpenTable

Native Oyster Season at Bibendum

As the old adage goes, an oyster really does taste better in months that end in 'r'. It’s no myth, after spawning in the summer and developing a watery taste, native oysters then clamp shut and enjoy cooler water, which gives them their inimitable sweet yet saline flavour come autumn.

French poet Léon-Paul Fargue likened eating an oyster as to 'kiss[ing] the sea on the lips', and there’s only one place to celebrate your love for the maritime morsels this September. London's shellfish specialist has to be Bibendum, the iconic restaurant and oyster bar that sits in Fulham Road’s legendary Michelin House.


Bibendum Oyster Bar | Image via Square Mile

Bibendum Oyster Bar | Image via Square Mile


In Bibendum's renowned Oyster Bar, you can experience the delight of half a dozen fresh oysters washed down with a glass of champagne, whilst admiring François Espinasse's Art Nouveau architecture and the original features that make this interior so fascinating. Or, if your Fulham Road visit is fleeting, Bibendum’s Crustacea Stall allows you to enjoy the delicacy at home - whether you prefer your oysters naked in their shells with just a squeeze of lemon, or dressed up with beurre blanc and chives.


Visit the Bibendum Oyster Bar at The Conran Shop's Chelsea store. Find out more information here.