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New In: Thomas Heatherwick

Spun chairs, from £342


Educated at the Royal College of Art, Thomas Heatherwick is c of innovative engineering works.  Well respected for his iconic public monuments and works of art, he is responsible for a host of projects from small scale product design to urban infrastructure. Founded in 1994, Heatherwick Studios comprises over 60 talented creatives across a range of fields including architecture, sculpture, model making, landscape design and fine art.  An Honorary Fellow of RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects), Heatherwick is also a Senior Fellow at the RCA, not to mention a guest lecturer within some of the most prestigious design schools around the world.

Spun Chair


Famed for his pioneering manipulation of materials, Thomas Heatherwick drew on his silversmith experience at college to create a new concept in metal spinning which resulted in the original Spun chair.  Primarily a means for making routine circular metal objects, such as gas cylinders, metal spinning formed the basis of a large scale Heatherwick experience showcased at the Haunch of Venison gallery in 2009.  The Spun chair is an entirely symmetrical form, an ergonomic seat that can be rotated freely.  A collaboration with Italian furniture manufacturers Magis, saw the Spun chair developed using rotation-moulded plastic to provide a beautiful form for the everyday home.  The Conran Shop stocks the iconic Spun chair in red and is proud to be the exclusive stockist of yellow and green.

East Beach Cafe, Littlehampton, UK, 2005


Guy's Hospital, London, UK


Olympic Torch Cauldron, 2012