PDW22: Introducing the Prouvé Café

In celebration of Paris Design Week 2022, we're thrilled to unveil the Prouvé Café by Vitra, taking up residence at 117 rue du Bac from 7th September. The pop-up marks a significant launch for the Swiss design house and a key moment in the history of Jean Prouvé: a large selection of his furniture is launched in brand-new colours. For now, we trace the history of France's finest engineer, and offer you a sneak peek at his first coffee shop!

In this new space, designed to accommodate 24 people, visitors will have the chance to discover some of Prouvé's most iconic pieces, enhanced by the combination of a white counter with 'marcoule bleu,' one of the new hues from the designer's archives. Coutume, a renowned name in the coffee shop industry, will manage the café's provisions, putting its expertise at the service of The Conran Shop to offer indulgent coffees, hot drinks, fresh fruit juices, salads, sandwiches, and pastries throughout the day; a great way to extend your visit at The Conran Shop Paris.

One of the most influential French designers and architects of the 20th century, on par with the likes of Le Corbusier and Charlotte Perriand, Jean Prouvé played a major role in the development of mass production techniques during the Modernist era, with a broad portfolio ranging from prefabricated houses to furniture for public spaces.

During the period of austerity following World War II, Prouvé worked on reconstruction projects for the French government, which led to the development of new materials and production methods. During his 60-year career, this visionary designer created iconic works such as the Standard Chair, the Potence Wall Light, and the EM table. However, his work is distinguished from his contemporaries by its daring elegance and the rejection of materials that were widespread at the time, such as tubular steel, a key material associated with the Bauhaus.

Today, Prouvé's timeless designs remain highly regarded and continue to be produced by Vitra in collaboration with his successors. After his death in 1984, his work was honoured through exhibitions at the Vitra Design Museum and the London Design Museum, and now lives on in projects such as this one.

Visit The Conran Shop Paris today to see the Café Prouvé in all its glory, and shop the Prouvé collection too.