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Rich Palettes, Abstract Forms: Meet AAH YES STUDIO

We're delighted to introduce to you the UK-based artist Ayesha Pearce of AAH YES STUDIO. Drawing inspiration from daily life, Pearce uses bold colours and abstract shapes to create playful artworks that celebrate everyday objects, as evidenced by her five-piece print collection, exclusively for The Conran Shop. To find out all about her craft, Pearce kindly answered six of our burning questions.

1. Welcome to The Conran Shop, Ayesha! Please tell us a little about yourself and your studio.

Thanks so much! I’m a contemporary artist, AAH YES is my studio practice and I'm currently living and working in Bristol, UK.
I draw inspiration from everyday things that are all around me; food, architecture, animals, household items - you name it. I don’t have one particular art movement or design era that informs my pieces. Instead, I like working with objects and moments from daily life, it’s stuff that we can all relate to and gives me the freedom to flex my output.

My work uses rich palettes and abstract forms to create playful artworks that hero these everyday objects and moments.
I enjoy the process of presenting something in its simplest form, but in a way that it’s perhaps never been seen before. Something that morphs between abstract and figurative as a person spends a bit of time with it.

Ayesha Pearce
AAH YES in Chelsea 2

2. What is the process behind the creation of your prints?

For this series, each print started life as a collection of paper cutouts. A jumble of shapes inspired by things I’m seeing, stuff all around me. The shapes are scanned at a high resolution and then I’ll start working on the compositions.

This is where the fun begins.

I’ll play with the shapes, introducing colour at the same time. I’ll move and tweak them, layer them, manipulate the scale and angle until it feels right. Then I’ll take a step back and see what the artwork is telling me.

Sometimes I’ll have a fairly clear idea of what I’m trying to create, like with Ladle and Green Tea. Others, I’ll let the improvisation happen naturally and see what comes out; this was very much the process for Mercury, Birds of Prey and Bin Day.

Play is a really important part of the process, letting the work flow freely and finding what feels good in the moment.

3. You keenly explore the divide between graphic design and fine art; is this to bridge the gap?

I was once told that the worlds of graphic design and fine art don’t play well together, which really inspired me to see how I can use both practices in my process. I love the speed and scope of working digitally but also the tactility of creating something with my hands. Perhaps it’s bridging the gap… it might just be wanting it all!

4. The Conran Shop is pleased to introduce a new collection of artworks by AAH YES; which is your favourite?

I’m thrilled to have created this collection with you and I’m so excited to get these out in the wild.

My favourite design changes all of the time but right now it’s Birds of Prey. I’ve had a sample in my studio for a while and so I’ve spent quite a bit of time with it.

5. Similarly, what is your favourite design at The Conran Shop?

Right now I can’t stop thinking about the limited-edition Carimate Chair in red. The colour is so rich and beautiful. I’m a sucker for a beautiful chair.

6. What are your aspirations for your brand over the next few years?

I very much want to keep playing, keep creating and keep putting art out into the world. I’d love to continue to collaborate with design-led brands such as yourselves and I’d also like to exhibit my art internationally. I’d like to try some new mediums as well and explore what other forms my work can take. There’s lots to look forward to.

Shop and explore the exclusive AAH YES STUDIO edit today, and be sure to follow Ayesha on Instagram.