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Shine a light on Rich Brilliant Willing

Creating the right mood in your home with lighting is essential. Too bright and it will seem harsh and unwelcoming, too dim and you'll find it hard to see what you're doing. Brooklyn-based lighting company Rich Brilliant Willing firmly believe in the power of light to make or break your interior atmosphere.

Combining new technology, simplicity and creativity, Rich Brilliant Willing oversees every aspect of their unique process from design to assembly to distribution. Steal their innovative style and shop our range of statement-making lights.

Simple yet expressive, the gold-hued Monocle wall light is crafted from milled aluminium with a tempered glass lens which provides a strong yet warm beam of LED-powered light. The flat circular cap completes the smooth silhouette, while the rotating surface can be positioned to suit your lighting needs.

Rich Brilliant Willing

The Quart table lamp is an exquisite example of transforming the mundane into the divine. Inspired by a quart of paint and scrap metal, this original idea is taken to new heights with luxurious materials and quality craftsmanship. Perfect for a home office, hallway or living area, this table lamp boasts a swivelling powder-coated aluminium shade and softer wood column with a rich walnut finish. Comprised of simple cylindrical elements, the minimal construction is anchored by a solid marble base.

Shop our range of Rich Brilliant Willing lighting in-store at Chelsea and Marylebone or online including the Monocle wall light and Quart table lamp showcased in this blog.