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Silvia K Ceramics

Although her heart now lies in Sussex, it is Silvia Kamodyova’s Slovakian roots that serve as inspiration for her ceramics.


Growing up in the small village of Hodruša-Hámre, Silvia arrived in England in 1999 with the aim to improve her English, quickly fell in love with Brighton and ‘never managed to leave’. Silvia K Ceramics was set up in 2012 after her graduation from the University of Brighton in 3D Materials, and her collections are an homage to traditional Slovak culture. A country rich in heritage, Silvia is fascinated with Slovakia’s folklore, “I am captivated by the simple beauty of agrarian vessels used mainly for gathering and storing harvest; large herdsmen buckets, wicker baskets, or small forest fruit pickers.”


Using a range of techniques, from press, hump and case moulding to throwing and slip casting, Silvia’s ceramics are left unglazed, as she prefers the appearance and texture of natural 'naked' clay. The decoration references markings left upon the landscape, with slips mixed from raw materials, oxides and spontaneous coloured stains used to create naive graphics.


Silvia’s passion and respect for her craft shines through in her collection; with a sensibility of the functional, authentic and unpretentious she brings traditional Slovak pottery into the modern age.