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The Justyna Green Edit

In the latest of our Tastemakers edits, we're switching things up with the award-winning, London-based illustrator Justyna Green, who not only answered six of our burning questions, but also blessed us with her own take on our new Outdoor 22 favourites.

Ms Green's works are bold and full of life, illustrating themes of wellbeing and health, nature, optimism, and spirituality through organic patterns and uplifting colour palettes. Lauded by the likes of Dezeen, Buzzfeed, and Refinery29, her most acclaimed project to date is the 100 Days of Gratitude, where she depicted what 100 international creative people were grateful for, publishing an illustration each day for 100 days. Extending her prowess in communications, she also hosts the insightful On Design podcast, where she converses with prominent figures from the art and design industry. Now, she has spared some time to discuss all things design with The Conran Shop, putting her magical touch on her favourites from our Outdoor 22 edit, displayed throughout.

Justyna Green (5)
Therma Dining by Justyna Green

1. Welcome to The Conran Shop, Justyna! Please tell our readers a little about you and what you do.

I’m an illustrator and the host of the On Design podcast. As an illustrator, I work with brands, publications and organisations to tell stories through visuals – whether these are digital illustrations or wall murals. My works are bold and full of life, presenting themes of wellbeing and health, nature and optimism. I combine organic patterns with an uplifting colour palette. As a podcast host, every week I speak to amazing people from across the design industry – from designers to architects, creative directors to editors. My illustration practice and my podcast, bring together my three passions – art, design and my love of people.

2. What made you become an illustrator, and who/what are your greatest design influences?

At the heart of my illustration practice is a desire to connect people, create beautiful worlds and tell stories and share feelings that can be hard to convey with words - whether that’s creating visuals that help us cultivate gratitude and kindness, break taboos by sharing health stories, or lift our spirits with their optimism. When I found out that I can tell those stories through images, and discovered how much joy they bring me, and how positively they can affect people, I knew that’s what I want to do!

My influences span design, art and fashion, and you’ll find here Marc Chagall - his paintings, stained glass windows and murals are magical, Alexander McQueen – my early life influence, thanks to his impeccable tailoring, the way he conveyed emotions, and the stories he created. Other influences include Henri Rousseau, Frida Kahlo, Rene Magritte and in contemporary art and design I love the work of Jaime Hayon, Manjit Thapp, Polly Nor, Marylou Faure and Malika Favre.

3. Your work spotlights wellbeing, nature, and spirituality; what do you try to convey in your art?

I aim to convey our shared experiences, so that we feel less lonely, more connected and more enriched with the magic of our lives. It’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day struggles, get influenced by the news and social media, and feel less connected to others, and often to ourselves. Through my work, I want to lift us up, rebuild our connection to ourselves, to the world around us, to nature, and help us blossom.

4. To celebrate the launch of our Outdoor 22 edit, you so beautifully illustrated a selection of our newest furniture pieces; can you take us through your illustrative process?

I start the process by thinking about the audience of my illustrations, and what they will enjoy and connect to. In the case of the Outdoor 22 edit, I thought about The Conran Shop customers and the variety of gardens they spend their time in, also thinking also about their personalities – some might be drawn to an organised and minimalist Zen garden, whilst some love nothing more than a relaxed Mediterranean feel. I then quickly sketch these ideas and compositions, to make them pleasing to the eye, whilst also telling a story and transporting you into a different world. Next comes the colour palette – creating coherence within the image, as well as connecting the images together. After that comes the process of refining the lines, shapes and colours, to land on the final image.

5. Which piece from the edit is your favourite?

I love the Fold Sofa by Samuel Wilkinson, with its low profile and chunky shape.

6. Finally, you host the ever-insightful On Design podcast, which recently featured our Creative Director Stephen Briars; what made you venture into the world of podcasting?

There’s so much to learn and discover in this world, and the podcast has allowed me to connect to incredible people like Stephen across the globe, from the creatives at Patagonia and The North Face, to Headspace and Monocle. It’s a joy to be able to learn from these amazing minds and bring our conversations to the podcast’s audiences.

Shop Justyna's edit below and peruse the rest of our Outdoor Living edit. Plus, be sure to follow her on Instagram.

    Therma Outdoor Sofa
    by Gabriel Tan for The Conran Shop

    Therma Outdoor Lounge Chair
    by Gabriel Tan for The Conran Shop

    Therma Outdoor Bench
    by Gabriel Tan for The Conran Shop

    Fold Outdoor Sofa With Arms
    by Samuel Wilkinson for The Conran Shop

    Mag Rectangular Table
    by Daniel Schofield for The Conran Shop

    Highline Outdoor Side Chair
    by The Conran Shop

    Highline Outdoor Table
    by The Conran Shop

    Highline Outdoor Bench
    by The Conran Shop

    Pacha Outdoor Armchair With Swivel
    by Pierre Paulin for GUBI

    Deck Chair in Bold Stripe
    by The Conran Shop