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The One Thing Over Everything: Meet Collagerie

Inspiration and style curation experts Collagerie unveil their new venture at The Conran Shop, a kaleidoscopic collaboration presenting an exclusive capsule comprising the most colourful, considered designs for the home. We head behind the scenes of the launch with Collagerie co-founders Lucinda Chambers and Serena Hood, who have shaped the face of fashion and inspired the wardrobes of millions of women.  

1. Welcome to The Conran Shop, Lucinda and Serena! Please tell us all about Collagerie.

Collagerie was started as we needed it in both our lives! It’s a highly curated and beautiful shopping website where we bring you the best and brightest of what is out there, from fashion to interiors and beauty. Very importantly, Collagerie is across all price points, really reflecting how people shop today. We also love discovering new brands and designers and bringing them to the Collagerie community.

2. We're so excited to launch our colourful capsule collaboration; do tell our readers how it came to be.

We are in constant talks and discussions with brands and designers about how Collagerie can bring something new to the table. This collection came out of a conversation with The Conran Shop team and we thought our dream would be to design a capsule collection for them. And hey presto, we did a presentation and now it’s about to launch!

3. Why The Conran Shop in particular?

The Conran Shop is one of our top pin-ups in terms of innovative design and quality. It also felt a perfect fit for us as you can find something equally wonderful for under £20 and over £2,000. It really houses the best of the best all in one beautiful space.

Collagerie creative4579

4. Lucinda, your unmatched fashion experience has seen you through directing, consulting, and styling; might you share some advice on how to style the collection?

What I love about this collection, and of course, I’m in love with every single piece, is that you can take one statement item, such as the massive black and electric yellow vase and it will change the dynamic of a room. But also, you can pile on the stripes, mismatch them and watch them having a very colourful conversation!

I’m a big fan of having vases at different heights running along the table with really punchy interestingly shaped flowers. So, this is what I would do, all on top of the tablecloth. I always say colour begets colour, so be brave and bold and, the collection will do all the work for you as it’s like a beautiful jigsaw puzzle, they all look great together.

5. Serena, you've written countless style and fashion edits in your time; how would you describe our collaboration in one sentence?

This special collaboration is a perfect realisation of our shared goals – to conjure a world of witty and wonderful pieces that inspire and delight our customers.

6. The collection features some of Pantone's most exquisite hues, from Lily Pad to Fiery Red; how did you decide which ones to feature?

It's a funny thing when you put colours together, they either fall flat if they are too tonal or they do something brilliant and make each other look good. It’s quite an instinctive pairing of colours, and when it’s right, you know it. So there are sombre colours like the tobacco with brilliant ones like the red and pink, then you add a more ‘masculine’ green and suddenly they are having a very lively conversation with each other.

1561104_gloss retouch

7. What are your favourites from the collection?

Lucinda: It’s really hard to pick favourite pieces, we love them all. I think I won’t be able to resist the cushions. But I think most of it will find its way home to me.

Serena: I am head over heels for everything, and first on my list is the hand-painted splatter serving bowls and plates. I’ve also got my eye on the striped rugs and love the idea of mixing them together to put in our dining area at home.

8. And finally, what's next for Collagerie?

There is always so much going on here, we are mid-way through designing a clothing collection which is great fun, but also and very excitingly we are planning the next capsule for The Conran Shop for AW22, and thrilled to be doing it again!

Explore the new Collagerie capsule today, and be sure to follow the tastemakers on Instagram.