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The WaterRower Event: Introducing Tyrone Brennand

Following our WaterRower event last weekend on the Marylebone Terrace, we discuss all things fitness with personal trainer, wellness expert and Be the Fittest founder Tyrone Brennand, to discover the best way to live a healthy modern lifestyle.

The May Bank Holiday saw The Conran Shop's Marylebone Terrace graced with the best that health and wellness have to offer; samples and product features from nutrition brands BetterYou and Form Nutrition, tailored training sessions with fitness experts Tyrone Brennand and Olivia Grace Moulder, and an exclusive opportunity to explore and purchase the WaterRower collection in person. Our guests experienced WaterRower's exceptional fitness equipment under the expert eye of Tyrone, following which we took a moment to discuss his career, and his considered approach to getting fit.

1. Firstly, please tell us a little about yourself and your career.  

My name is Tyrone Brennand. I'm from a single-parent family and had a tough upbringing, but I went through school and life with a real excitement (and passion) for fitness and sports. In my teenage years, I wanted to explore this more and became fascinated with martial arts. It began with simple exercises and press-ups at home, then developed from there. I experienced tough times, but the one thing that got me through was fitness, which led me to start my own personal training company with the help of the Prince's Trust. Fitness techniques have always carried me through the suffering in my life, and now I use them to help my clients through my personal training company.  

2. Where do you seek your fitness inspiration from?  

I seek inspiration from my past and what I see my clients go through. I am passionate about changing people's lives, not just aesthetically but really change their lives to be fitter, stronger, healthier and ultimately happier. I believe if you train towards this, you will also achieve the physical goals. With a fitness routine, you become mentally stronger and happier, and able to get through life much easier.   

Tyrone Brennand alongside Form Nutrition Co-Founder Natalia Bojanic
Form Nutrition's designated area

3. What aspect of the fitness journey do you find your clients most often struggle with?  

My clients often struggle with sticking to routines, especially when they go to social events such as birthdays, Christmas parties etc. This is when they can lose motivation, and I try to encourage and keep them on track. It's about balance, they can go to restaurants, but I advise on the foods they should look for and try not to overindulge.  

4. Similarly, what are the real 'breakthrough' moments that give the most satisfaction?  

When clients get the results that they have worked so hard to achieve, after putting in 8-12 weeks of work and not believing they could ever achieve their goal, it gives me great satisfaction. I feel so proud of my clients, and it reinforces why I love my job and why I chose to do what I do. When they tell me that they're not just proud of their body, but to see how much their confidence has grown and to hear that they've never felt better, mentally and physically. Nothing can beat that.  

A moment of meditation led by Tyrone
Guests got to grips with WaterRower in person

5. What three things do you think are most important to remember when approaching a new fitness regime?  

1. Always remember what you're trying to achieve and why you're trying to achieve it. Making sure that when the motivation dips, you return to this question helps to keep you on track.

2. Always plan ahead and have a routine for each day/week. I believe if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

3. Make it fun! It is difficult to feel motivated if your fitness programme/regime is monotonous and uninspiring, or stressful, so it's important to enjoy what you're doing.

Tyrone also enjoyed trialling the equipment
An expert training regime

6. The last year has changed the ways many people exercise and keep healthy; how did the way you stay active change throughout the pandemic?  

Throughout the last year, I was doing Instagram Live every day, with thousands of people joining in online fitness sessions from yoga, fitness training to HIIT classes. This helped keep me very active!   

7. How important is nutrition when it comes to training, and what are your best tips for eating well?  

Nutrition is super important when it comes to training; they go hand in hand when trying to achieve your results. You can lose weight or train without eating well, but if you combine both, there is no comparison. My best tips for eating well are figuring out which foods you find harder to resist and finding a solution that works for you. Everyone is different, so don't try to copy others. Experiment, don't be afraid to try new things and make mistakes. If you do, just tell yourself 'what's done is done' and try to make sure the rest of the day or week you keep on point.  

8. What is your favourite WaterRower machine?  

The Classic WaterRower. I love it because it simulates being out on the water. Listening to the sound of the water as you row with the smooth, authentic motion feels wonderful.  

The Classic WaterRower
Exceptional detailing and craftsmanship

9. Lastly, what is the one piece of advice that you think everyone should hear when it comes to health and wellness?   

When you're trying to achieve your goals, try not to take things too seriously and don't beat yourself up if you get things wrong. For health and wellness to continue, it is a journey, and you're going to make mistakes. You'll have good times and hard times, but it's about learning. Keep perspective. Some people can become obsessed and too emotionally attached to their fitness regime, and this is when you stop enjoying it. Keep trying and enjoy!  

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