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Up Your Style Credentials

New York Fashion Week


So many diary dates, so little time.  If you are a lover of fashion it may seem that the life of a stylist is a jet-setter’s delight.  Endless outfit changes, dreamy destinations and some seriously scaled-up fashion moments.  The bright lights of London, the stylish elegance of Paris, New York’s stylish stomping ground, the cool chic streets of Milan...what’s not to love.


Fashion Week Wrapped Up


Well for one, the endless hours spent on your feet are probably a little unrelenting.  Another thing to consider is that you are essentially living out of a suitcase for the best part of a month and the pressure to set your style apart from the rest must be a little unyielding.  It’s bad enough to spot a guest at a wedding in matching finery but to see your Zara-clad mirror image through the masses at the Chanel show doesn’t bear thinking about.

The Conran Shop edit has grown over the past season to reflect a diverse collection of accessories and goodies that would make even the fashion pack swoon.  We’ve compiled a little survival kit of must-haves to ensure that the Fashion Week season goes without a hitch.  Journalists, Stylists, Bloggers and frankly anyone with a penchant for fashion, can get a little inspiration with our essential style-lover’s wish list.


Marc Newson Pentax Camera, £479.99




The Camera

No reputable blogger would be caught short at a show, forgetting your camera is like forgetting your pants.  Add a little more fashionable flair to your functionality with this Marc Newson Pentax camera, the perfect partner to snap the looks you want to steal.




Ilia, Multi-Stick, £30




The super-duper beauty miracle MUST-HAVE

No sleep, check.  Over air-conditioned venue, check.  No fashionista wants to accessorise their Balenciaga with tired eyes and a pallid, parched complexion.  Choose a nourishing all-in-one stick from new beauty buffs Ilia.  Providing a sheer flush of colour for cheeks, eyes and lips, this watermelon hue is perfect for waking up all complexions and requires no effort.




Platinum leather notebook, £45



The Jotter

You’ll need something to pen your extensive style reports in, or at the very least badly sketch the key pieces using an office-issue biro.  Shun black and brown for a shimmery metallic with crackled leather cover that demonstrates your fashion prowess.  If there was ever an excuse for a glitzy notebook, it is now.




Cutler & Gross sunglasses, £299



The Sunnies

You saw the note about the puffy, sleepy eyes amount of Touché Eclat can bring those bad boys into check.  Sunglasses are a ubiquitous presence across the fashion week calendar for this very reason, come rain or shine.  Proving their style credentials for such a task, Cutler & Gross have long been a favourite amongst the pages of the fashion glossy and  giant bi-annual design titles for the uber cool.




Cambridge Satchel, 11 inch, £99.  Exclusive to The Conran Shop



The Bag

Granted you can carry your life in an oversized bag, but when your neck tendons resemble spaghetti junction and your bag is a jumble of chewing gum and taxi receipts, you may crave a little light relief.  Look no further than the Cambridge Satchel Company and their super cute bags in bold and bright hues.  We want one in each colour, oh and each size.





Kate book, £50



The Fashion Lover’s Digest

Fancy a bit of pre-season cramming? Read up on the world’s most iconic supermodel and guarantee a little fashion thrill in the process.  Created by Kate Moss herself, this personal retrospective is beautiful and is certain to send your style radar into overdrive with its mix of stunning imagery and inspiring tales from astride the fashion pedestal.


With far too many lustworthy items to covet on one blog post, you can see the full collection and get Fashion Week savvy with The Conran Shop here.