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The Conran Shop Mattress Care Guide


Hannah Bould

Body Impressions

Impressions are a feature of handmade mattresses and a result of generous layers of high-quality filling materials reacting to your body shape. This is just your mattress ‘getting to know you’. We endeavour to source the highest quality and best performing upholstery materials to allow the mattress to be rotated less often. It is good to refresh the sleeping surface by turning your mattress twice a year (a good way to remember is when the clocks change). In the first 12 weeks, however, we recommend turning two or three times to make sure all the fillings settle evenly. If your mattress has a ‘non-sleeping surface’ sticker, don’t sleep on this side and only spin the mattress rather than flip it over.


Mattress Protection

We strongly recommend the use of an under blanket or mattress protector. Never use a plastic sheet or bag. Beds need to breathe and using plastic will lead to damage through condensation. It is a good idea to air the mattress regularly.



Cleaning your bed every few months with a soft brush to remove dust and fluff is advantageous. Never use a vacuum cleaner. Stains and spillages should be absorbed using a dry cloth or paper towels. If you need to sponge the mattress, do so only with a damp cloth and the mildest solution of soap and water.



Pocket sprung mattresses are hand-built and by their very nature, will vary slightly in size. Some mattresses contract during transportation. After a short while in use, they will relax to the normal length.



Traditional methods of tufting ensure that the upholstery layers remain firmly in place. Under strain, tufts can snap. In the unlikely event of you experiencing this problem, contact us and we will arrange to have the tuft replaced.


Correct Base

Pocket springs are designed to contour to the shape of your body. In the same way, they follow the contours of the base upon which the mattress sits. It is important therefore, if you have purchased a mattress only, that the base is sound. We recommend a base board if the gaps between a slatted base are greater than 3” (75mm). Old sprung bases may appear to be in good shape initially, however, you should consider whether it is likely to last another eight or so years. If the base is damaged in any way, it could have a detrimental effect on your mattress. If you are in any doubt, seek advice from your retailer. Following these simple guidelines will ensure your mattress stays in prime condition and that you enjoy greater comfort and better sleep for years to come.


10 Year Guarantee

This spring system is coupled with high-quality upholstery, usually a mixture of natural materials such as mohair, silk, British wool, Egyptian cotton and cashmere depending on the model. This use of quality materials provides supreme comfort and support over many years, this is why we are so confident we can offer a genuine ten year guarantee. In the unlikely event of a defect becoming apparent, in either the craftsmanship process or the materials used, the product will be repaired or replaced free of charge at our discretion. Claims under guarantee should be made directly to The Conran Shop. We reserve the right to change specification and price in accordance with our trading policy.


Spinning your non-turn mattress

Push at opposite corners A and B while mattress is lying flat.

Push alternatively on corners A and B to position mattress.

Your mattress has now been rotated end to end.

Hannah Bould

Turning your turnable mattress

Rotate the mattress to overhang the bed.

Raise the mattress up on its edge.

Lower mattress gently to expose other side.

Realign mattress with the bed.

Hannah Bould

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